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About Us

Countryballs Merchandise sells unique products allowing you to enter the countryballs/polandball world! Ranging from plushies, stickers, postcards, wallpapers, mugs, flags, you name it! With variety of characters and items to choose from, why not visit and find the right product for you or your friends?

Countryballs Merchandise will create products for countries that either fit three categories

1. A Member State of the United Nation under a recognised government or

2. A Observer State or Organisation of the United Nation or

3. A former Member State of the United Nations.

We emphasise that Countryballs Merchandise, much like the Countryballs art styles themselves, are apolitical and we mean no disrespect or display favouritism towards different countries.

Some countries feature designs on their flags which may be considered unsuitable for commercial use, if this is the case, we will use official alternative designs or emblems to represent the country.Tags:
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